Coveting: Denim Vest.


I have been searching for the perfect denim vest for pretty much 2 years now and yet to no avail. I just can't seem to find the perfect one! I mean, I guess my checklist is pretty intense for something that to most would seem a simple find but maybe you all can help me out? 

So, here goes the check list....
1. Cropped you say? uh, NO THANK YOU. I want a vest that is to my waist (give or take a half inch). 
2. Light or medium wash. Can't say I like the dark denim ones as much. I would almost go as light as a bleached wash.
3. No no no to frayed edges. I want clean edges all around. 
4. SIZE MATTERS! I can't seem to find one that isn't super wide on me, even when I do small sizes. I hate looking like I'm about to drown in a sea of denim. 

Here are a couple options I've found but I'm nervous to order online and get disappointed! 
1 // 2 // 3

Well, my fingers are still crossed that I find the perfect denim vest this season because I can't wait to pair it with a maxi skirt and t-shirt or by adding it to a fancy dress for a more casual look. ugh. gimme pleaseeee!

(PH: Collage: M.E. ; stockholmstreetstyle/tumblr x2) 


  1. i get you completely! i have a great one because I had a vintage denim jacket and the arms were too short for me.... so I cut them off. I didnt like the fringes, so i sewed the area around the shoulders. Mine is a mid-wash... i really love it! you could try it. Sometimes its harder to find a vest than a jacket!


  2. I've been looking for a denim vest desperately with no success...I may just have to cut off the sleeves of an old favorite. I love that outfit photo, taken in the Jardin de Luxembourg...she makes raw edges look chic!


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