DIY: Cold Brewed Coffee.


With the summer heat starting to creep it's way into the atmosphere, sometimes nothing can cure your quench quite like a nice iced cold cup of coffee. For me, I love to run to Starbucks and grab myself and americano but sometimes, it's just too far for me to walk and Starbucks tends to use Colombian coffee which I find to be too bitter black. So, I googled a bit on how to make my own and voilá! I found this website that shows you step by step how to make the perfect iced coffee. I'm running out to the store later to grab some coffee beans! I'm seriously so excited to see how this turns out!

Find the recipe HERE!
Let me know if any of you try to make it as well! Bon Appetit!

(PH: Images via here;collage/editing: M.E.)


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