Wardrobe Essential: The Linen Shirt.


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THE LINEN SHIRT. A really great wardrobe essential for the summer time. Linen material is fantastic for hot weather because it's breathable and light weight. Perfect to wear with a pair of jean shorts or white skinny jeans. Formal enough to wear out and about or to use as a cover up top at the beach. I love the colorful choices from J•Crew but nothing can compete with a classic white long sleeve top with the sleeves rolled up. So perfect!
Here are some other great options from MATTEO and Ralph Lauren. 
I have some really great linen pants that are my go to for a casual summer look but I'm definitely trying to invest in a white linen top. What do you think of the linen look?

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  1. love it

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  2. So enjoy the tropics with our tailored linen shirts. You just might find your new favorite shirt! Mens linen shirts

  3. It will look great with any pair of trouser. It is made from 100% pure linen.


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