A.L.C. Pre-Fall 2012.


Well I can't believe I'm already saying that I start school in five weeks! This has put me into a bit of a panic mode since I still have to make some changes to my schedule and what not but I'm also super excited to get back into it. (I really love school, weird right? hmm...) So, in the short time that I have left, I've been taking advantage of my free time these past couple of days and doing some wardrobe re-vamping. Anything that hasn't been worn in 2 years, donated. Anything that hasn't been worn many times or at all, for SALE. It feels good to get rid of things that I told myself I'd wear and then ended up at the bottom of my drawer, tags and all. 

It's my senior year of college and I'm continuing to build a good wardrobe. Essentials are key and that is what I love about A.L.C.'s pre-fall collection.Fitted trousers, incredibly good looking blazers and jackets that are, again, essentials but without being boring or predictable. I love the color palette as well. Being able to mix and match lots of your pieces is what I think investing in a good wardrobe is all about. I'm a strong believer in quality over quantity and buying a good pair of black trousers or leather jacket is smart ladies and gents. 
So, back to panicking organizing and preparing my wardrobe, school, and an upcoming trip I'll be taking! 

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