Weekend Bliss.


Happy weekend my loves. I have had such a great week. Trying to be productive as much as possible but mostly, spending time with my friends who are back in town. This is my last completely free weekend until school starts on Monday so I'm taking advantage of doing some closet organizing, a little bit of shopping, and of course, happy hour. I'm excited for all that this up and coming semester has to hold but also a little nervous since it's my last year of college and the real world is slowly moving into my little college bubble. I can't freak out just yet so until that time comes, I plan on taking my life day by day. I'm working on not trying to be so controlling of everything around me because it's sometimes better to just sit back and enjoy. We'll see how long that lasts for me though.....

Hope you all had a fantastic week and enjoy your weekend mes amies.

Oh, and a quick welcome to all my new followers. I really appreciate that you liked my blog enough to click that little follow button on bloglovin' or GF. Don't be shy to comment or e-mail me for any reasons, I love hearing from my followers. :) 



  1. Great blog! It's very inspiring. :) what about following each other?
    love, Vief

  2. Really like that top picture, so bright and the bed looks so comfy to spend a full day in it just working on the laptop :D
    I have another month before my last year starts but I get how you feel! So scary to think of life after uni :)
    Have a wonderful weekend :)

  3. Good luck with school! Enjoy every second because it goes by quickly. Can't wait to hear how it goes.




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