Massimo Dutti Fall 2012.


Massimo Dutti is a Spanish clothing brand that was established in 1985. It first began by specializing in tailored men's wear and has now expanded to women's wear. I have a couple pieces that I purchased while back home in Guatemala. Whenever I visit family I make sure to stop by to buy something. I'm so excited to hear that they are now expanded to the United States and their flagship store will be opening in New York City, of course. So when it opens this fall, I'm hoping they will have an online store. Classic pieces that are great for building a beautiful wardrobe. Make sure to check them out. 

Here's their Fall 2012 campaign:

Oh the Spanish can do no wrong. Really fantastic pieces. I'm crossing my fingers that they have an online boutique once their New York store opens. 

(PH: fashiongonerogue)


  1. Es una de mis marcas favoritas, aqui en EspaƱa Massimo Dutti esta muy bien valorada porque son prendas muy elegantes la calidad es buena y el precio es asequible.

    Muy buena entrada y bonito blog.

    Ya te sigo.



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