Now and Later: The Black Leather Pencil Skirt.


I can very confidently say us women absolutely love transitional pieces. The glammed up staples that every lady needs in her wardrobe that will work just as great in summer as it will in the fall with some revamping. In my opinion the most important factor is...? The color. Going neutral is the best way to ensure that this piece will go with anything in your closet. My preferred is obviously black because not only can it go from season to season but from day to night as well. 
I am a huge fan of leather. It is ridiculous how many leather jackets I have accumulated in my closet so I was excited to see a trend of leather skirts going on. Worn correctly, a leather pencil skirt can look very sophisticated with the perfect amount of edge. Be very very cautious though because it can easily turn into "sexy secretary" territory if worn with the wrong pieces. So unless it's a tacky joke or your next Halloween costume, steer clear from any styling that you even have the slightest questioning that it might turn you into this. 

First, here are some ideas on how to wear the black leather pencil skirt right now...

Simple tops make the leather skirt perfect for day time. Throw on a silk cami and some colorful heels and you have a really great outfit for a night out. 

Now, to transition it later for when the temperature starts cooling down...

Lots of layers and this skirt is great for Fall. The more the temperature drops, I say the more layers you add. Undershirts and tights work great against the leather and for a night out, don't count out your silk cami. Just add a heavy wool coat and some booties. Another option? A plunging v-neck cashmere sweater, closed toe dark colored heels, and the perfect red lips. BAM. Hello hot stuff. 

Find some skirt options hereherehere, and here. The skirt worn by Jules from (top right photo and bottom left photo) can be found here.

Still on the hunt to find one for myself. My latina bum gets in the way a lot so I haven't found one that fits yet but fingers crossed. 

(Top: tumblr, SincerelyJules
Bottom: tumblr, SincerelyJules)


  1. I've been eyeing black leather skirts for so long. You might've given me that push to buy!

  2. Black leather skirts are my favorite piece for autumn. I can't wait to get a new one!

    Just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for an award :-) You can check it out here:


  3. Love the idea of a leather skirt but I haven't been able to pull it off either.. You're so right, the bum does get in the way)))

  4. Love all these looks! thanks for stopping by my blog! want to follow each other?! let me know =)



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