Colour Spotlight: Burgundy.


Burgundy. Really enjoying this color for the coming fall season. It's a nice alternative to black and can be a great staple color. Paired with greys and browns looks very elegant but nothing looks better with this color than black. Especially black leather. So amaze. I'm a big fan of the burgundy lip as well. If worn correctly, it can look really sophisticated and elegant. 
Will any of you be encorporating this color into your wardrobe? I know I will.


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  1. I love oxblood - I will definitely be incorporating it into my wardrobe - I think with shoes and accessories the most, although I do love dresses in this color as well!

  2. burgundy lip is my favourite too!

  3. i am so excited for this color for fall too!! love your blog (especially the clean design!) and thanks for stopping by mine and leaving a comment xx

    let me know if you would like to follow each other?



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