Taking a quick break from writing a paper for musical theater on West Side Story. Fascinating, I know. I was about to throw my computer at the wall when I decided to take a quick look over at Tumblr and found this cute doodle by one of my favorite illustrators, Marc Johns. This is the epitome of optimism.
I would call myself an optimistic person in general but sometimes, life really hits you hard and everything seems to go wrong for what feels like forever and then the little things tend to creep in that just make you sigh and thank God you're still breathing. This picture was my sigh of relief today and really put a smile on my face during the 10 minutes I took to recompose myself. So, from personal experience, take a step back darlings. Enjoy your surroundings and just take a deep breath. It really does do wonders to clear your head and put things back into place. I usually tend to realize that I freak myself out more than I should and pretty much everything is doable, so I shouldn't stress myself out so much. 
Now, I hate to leave you all with such a short post but, this paper isn't going to write itself unfortunately. Back to work!

 (PH: Marc Johns)
 OH, and this image also kind of made my day.


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