Happy Thanksgiving.


Happy Thanksgiving from the East Coast!

Hope you all had a fabulous Thanksgiving! I spent a beautiful day with my family in our new home in Boston. I helped my mother cook and bake which was so much fun and then we ate and watched movies with pies and coffee in hand. I couldn't have asked for anything better.
I was in New York for the weekend visiting a friend so forgive me for the lack of updates. This is my first time in Boston though and I absolutely LOVE it. It just feels so cozy everywhere I have been and the leaves look so beautiful still with their orange and yellow leaves. So happy I have a place out here now to come and visit more often. 
Well, I feel like another piece of pie is in order (oh, I know I don't need it but calories do not matter whatsoever during the holidays, right?) so again, Happy Thanksgiving my darlings! And don't go too crazy with your Black Friday shopping tomorrow


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  1. Happy Thanksgivjng! So nice to hear about my fellow NYC-ers holidays as wasn't celebrated here in London. Think you will enjoy my MFS guest blogger from NYC post today on an NYC Thanksgiving! x



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