Interior Design: Functional Kitchen.


This kitchen is pretty much perfect when it comes to organization and functionality. I would definitely make it a little more glamorous with the decorations but, it is beautiful. Love it. 

Although it's not an open floor plan, which is a must for me, the windowed wall makes it feel really open yet separates it nicely from the breakfast table. 

Functional to have the laundry room right next door. But, you must be extremely organized for this to look good! 

Love the white cabinets and that stove top, ugh, it's stunning. Why do I find appliances so beautiful?!

That pantry is out of control. It's so well organized and the wine refrigerator is so great. Again, being organized is key when most everything is glass or open cabinetry. Thankfully, my ocd would take care of that...

You can never have too much white and silver in a kitchen, never. 

Oh my goodness, absolutely everything has it's perfect little space! Even the the tea bags? I can't even handle this, it's so perfect. The sink is super sleek but I'm not the biggest fan of the counter top I prefer a more natural looking dark granite. Still, it's really beautiful and I will definitely be using this chic kitchen as an inspiration for (hopefully) a kitchen of my own. 

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  1. I love being hyper-organized so open cabinetry is just a dream for me. It's like "Oh yay—I get to see all my beautifully-ordered things" all day long.

    I think the decor is the perfect amount of glamour for me. And I totally agree with the whole appliance-love thing. I'm a sucker.

  2. Loving these ideas! So inspirational!



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