HAIR: Retro Waves.


With the Holiday season approaching fast, I've been taking a little time figuring out what I'll be wearing to dinners, parties, and church for the next couple weeks (after finals, of course). Well one thing that always seems to sort-of slip my mind is my hair. I can be adventurous with it but it's getting long and up-do's take forever so usually I just leave it stick straight or curl it. Well, I'm getting bored, so I went over to Pinterest and found a new kind of curl that looks very glamorous for the Holidays. The Retro Wave looks beautiful on any hair of any length and can easily be pulled back into a chignon for a more dramatic look.

I found some great tutorials at The Beauty Department and also on Refinery29 which I think will work better on longer, thicker hair. I'm hoping my hair will hold the wave so, fingers crossed!

Any of you going to try this retro-glam look? If so, e-mail me pictures and such so I can see how it turned out! 

 (PH: tumblr/Refinery29 - Edit: M.E.)


  1. Pretty waves, they always remind me of old Hollywood glamour. :)



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