Gift Guide: Valentine's Day.


Oh, le jour d'amour! Love is in the air and I'm seeing hearts, pink, and red everywhere already and it's only January 22! I already know my Valentine's day will be spent with my single ladies, probably dinner then the movies for the new Nicolas Sparks movie. However, I do know many of you out there have a significant other who may or may not know what to get you. Well, I'm here to help, at least, this is what I would love to receive. So ladies, feel free to forward this post along to your boy toys or man friends (?) and maybe keep some of these items in mind for anyone you hold near and dear to your heart. Personally, Valentine's day is a day I get to do a little something for those I love whomever they may be and for myself because you can't love others without loving yourself a little bit too. ♥

1. JCrew Commes Stripe Heart Tee 2. Veuve Clicquot Champagne (my favorite bubbly) 3. Bralette (similar herehere) 4. Heart Shaped Cutting Board (Similar here) 5. Godiva Chocolates (similar herehere) 6. Heart Shaped Umbrella (similar here) 7. Balenciaga Eau de Toilette (Really beautiful scent, light and feminine) 8. Gold Heart Ring (similar herehere)

Make sure to start ordering soon so that your items arrive before or by Valentine's Day and if a bouquet of flowers is more your style, reserve them today so your flower shop doesn't run out. Remember, even something as simple as a personalized card is special because the whole "thought that counts" motto definitely applies here. So get out there and shop you crazy love birds. ♥


  1. I just love Valentine's day and all the cute things that come with it! love the umbrella a lot!

    love from NYC,

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  2. Lovely ideas! The ring is soooo cute :D


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