Hair: Messy Chignon.


This summer heat has been a little out of control. Days where 90 is the lowest and 102 quickly rushes in by mid-afternoon and all I want to do is lay in a bath full of ice cubes. Yeah, it's that bad. My hair has sort-of taken a back seat in my beauty routine because just the thought of turning on my blow dryer or hair straightener makes me seriously cringe. I have resorted to plenty of pony tails, braids, top knots, etc. but lately if I don't have it just down and messy, a low chignon has been my go-to. It's super easy and looks really chic. Literally, your bed does most the work with this look. Get up, grab and twist, use a couple bobbies if needed and go. Whats not to love! Alright, maybe you don't want to looks so 'rolled out of bed' so let's make it a little more 'public' acceptable. 

 1. Hair Ties (the thinner, the better) // 2. Dry Shampoo (here & here) // 3. Bobbies

I like to do this look with hair that hasn't been washed in a couple days because it holds better. However, if you just got out of the shower and let it air dry and need a little lift, dry shampoo is the best thing to use. I'm obsessed with dry shampoo, I'm not sure what I would do without it. I use it by the third day after washing and can for a couple days after, depending how lazy busy I am. 

-You want to part your hair the way you normally do, you're not going to a wedding in this (I'm hoping) so make it as easy as possible. 
-Grab the hair at the nape of your neck, keeping it centered or even moving it a bit to the side (or a lot, it's up to you darling). 
-Tie as if you're doing a pony tail. 
-Twist the hair around the pony a couple times as if you are going to do a messy bun but leave part of the hair out. Also, don't worry about the left out pieces, the messier, the better.
-Secure by tieing another tie around the bun but not fully around, let the tie come on top of the bun so that it isn't a circle. Basically just twist it where ever the tie goes. 
-Voila, you're done. No joke. If need be, take out some pieces to keep it messy and if it's a little too messy, pin some pieces loosely back. 

Can't get any easier. 

To make this look more formal, curl the hair in loose waves and the result is more elegant and put together.
Best thing about this chignon, it looks different on everyone because we all will twist it differently. So, whether you're at the pool or out grocery shopping this hair is appropriate.

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Collage: Mindy Erazo)


  1. i am a fan of dry shampoo and messy hair as well. thanks for sharing. xo

  2. Dry shampoo is the best! I love that messy bun look, it's just so cool!

  3. I love this post so much! Thanks for inspiration. I will try to make something familiar now.


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