Freedom in Solitude.


The fairy tale began with sisters Elizabeth and Isabella who wanted to channel their inner gypsy spirits into a collection filled with leathers, metals, and feathers. They design accessories, clothes, and shoes. Based in Australia this duo of free spirited ladies have really hit the mark on a cool neo-hippie/boho style. Thankfully, even though they are half a continent away, you can shop online and they ship worldwide!

F.Y.I. Video contains partial nudity.

I need some of these pieces!!!

 Photography by Sybil Steele
Film & Editing by Johnny Abegg
Styling & Art Direction by Elizabeth and Isabella of Spell & the Gypsy Collective
Makeup by Phoebe Barrett
Model – Fa’ Empel


  1. Love these pictures and your blog!!!

  2. Nice pics. I've never considered cowboy/short studded boots with a fedora! Hmmm...


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