Essentials: Beach Day.


Beach Essentials.

 Whether you are headed to Saint Tropez or staying stateside in Cali, the beach is where we all want to be. I absolutely LOVE being on the beach and near the ocean. Unfortunately while everyone is currently on Spring Break and mostly at the beach right now, I got stuck here in Boulder doing mad amounts of studying for a midterm I have next week. (Thanks Professor Albert!) Regardless, the sun and sand are still on my mind so I wanted to share some great essentials for your next vaycay, beach side. 

First off, you can never have too many swimsuits. I love these two because they are super feminine and flirty. The one piece is Miu-Miu in a light pink and the two piece is ChloĆ©. I love the scalloped edges on the ChloĆ© swimsuit and it's a great size for tanning. 

Next, bring a pretty cover-up for when you want to head for a lunch somewhere in between coats of sunscreen. I'm a huge fan of prints when it comes to beachwear so of course I have to lean towards the queen of all prints, Diane Von Furstenburg. This blue print beach dress is great for just slipping on. I love the long-in-back, short-in-front design. It's also pretty versatile, you can dress it up if you add a nice leather belt around and tie it in a bow.

Don't forget to pack all your accessories!!! A hat and sunnies  to keep your face protected. A printed beach towel to layout on. Cute sandals that slip on easily, and of course a cute straw bag to put everything in.

For how much I'm not trying to sound like a mother, the most important thing not to forget is sunscreen! You may not think it now, but being out in the sun all day and not protecting yourself will have not so pretty results in a couple years. I like sunscreens that are not  super high in SPF just because the ones that are tend to make my skin break out from all the oils but I do have to be diligent to reapply often.
(Little fact about sunscreen, go for the UVA/UVB protectors because they target two different types of rays that come from the sun so it's better protection in the moment and in the long run)

Some extra stuff that I like to bring is surf spray to get nice beachy waves even if I don't get into the water. You can use this stuff alone on dry hair too. Spray generously on hair, twist into a top bun, leave it for a bit, let it down and you achieve the same pretty waves!
I also like to bring a change of clothes just in case I go to dinner or for drinks somewhere afterwards. It's usually never anywhere fancy so my go to is a white silky tank and cut offs.

Well to anyone headed to the beach anytime soon, I'm so utterly jealous and I wish you the best of time. I will be here soaking in the sun while reading up on Picasso and DADA while counting down to my beach adventure in June!


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  1. informative! thanks for sharing


  2. Looks like you got it all but a hair tie-haha, j/k. Beach hair here I come! I love how my curls look with salt water and some sunblock thrown in (sunblock works just like leave in conditioner plus it keeps your hair from getting lighter or burned--yes, hair even gets sunburns!)

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