What to Wear: Movie Night.


 Finally! The Hunger Games is here. I'm so so so excited! I got my tickets and I'm going at midnight to see it with my younger brother. Anyone else super stoked almostpeeingtheirpants excited?!
I plan on dressy comfy because I will be waiting in line to see it hours beforehand and there's nothing worse than camping out and not feeling comfortable. But don't worry, I wouldn't be caught dead in sweat pants.

Movie Night

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1. Dark denim skinny jeans. My favorite are Free People's because they don't look like ugly "jeggings" but have just the right amount of elasticity and weight.

2. Comfy sweater top. No doubt in my mind the air conditioning will probably be blasting so you don't want to be the annoying girl commenting on how cold it is. It's not a bad idea to bring along a cute light scarf as well. 

3. Wear some fashionable sneaks. Definitely comfortable and high top styles looks very cute with skinny jeans.

Don't forget to bring snickity-snacks (plenty of sour patch kids for me please) and something to keep you distracted if you are crazy enough to wait in line like I will be. (Note to self: Charge ipad)

Also check out an interview my cousin did with part of the cast here!

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