Alexander Wang Spring 2013 Collection.


I'm starting to get a little bit annoyed with viewing show after show in a sort of generic photo type. Face forward, model walking towards the camera. The garments tend to look so stiff and I don't think one can fully appreciate the pieces. So in my search for images from the runway shows, I have been drawn more towards those images that are leaning on the artistic side. I'm not sure if this is my photography background kicking in or what, but I'm really enjoying photographers who are taking a different approach to the runway shows than the norm.
So far, my favorite has been this series of the Alexander Wang show by photographer Balarama Heller. Beautiful images that compliment an incredible show by one of my favorites, Mr. Alexander Wang. Many thanks to Milk Made for Mr. Heller's portfolio. Baisers.

Can we have a quick chit chat on the pieces that were GLOWING IN THE DARK. Ugh, so genius. Mr. Wang can do no wrong. 



  1. I agree about the pics! Yours are so refreshing.

  2. Alexander Wang is always good, he's a genius!

    -Victor xx

  3. Loved the Wang show. Wish I would've been there it looked pretty awesome and different.

  4. I can not thank you adequately for the posts on your web site. I know you'd put a lot of time and effort into them and hope you know how much I appreciate it. I hope I'll do exactly the same for someone else at some point.

  5. love the collection! the photos are super!!

  6. Alexander Wang always knows how to express himself. Love the show!

    xx Sophie


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