Eternal Sophistication.


I am pretty adamant about keeping myself cultured and reading up on the news. I tend to steer away from politics because that is my older brother's specialty so whenever I need to know something or want to talk about it, he's my go to. Still, everyday I log onto Huffington Post and spend some time reading up on the headlines my favorite being the Arts and Culture section. They are good at updating about the Art World and giving incite as to what is going on not only here in the US but abroad. Today, I stumbled upon an article about LIFE photographer Mark Shaw and his family photographs of the Kennedys. All politics aside, as a family, I love them. Their elegance and sophistication is inspiring, specifically Mrs Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. She was the epitome of grace and beauty. I'm obsessed with her classic style and elegant demeanor. I seriously fell in love with this family all over again after seeing these pictures. How amazing would it have been to have been acquainted with them.

A selection of prints showcasing the Kennedys' eternal sophistication is currently on view at MILA Kunstgalerie in Berlin until October 6, 2012. 

 (PH: Mark Shaw via


  1. They are seriously the epitome of class. I have always loved her style specifically, I am glad to know I am not alone:)


  2. Yes this is such a great post! I'm so glad that you shared this because Ive always been fascinated with the Kennedy family.

  3. No denying the grace and eternal style of Jackie O. Such lovely pictures - really speaks to the 60s era! Love it!

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  4. Jacqueline Kennedy is one of my favorite style icons! Love your blog! Look forward to more posts!

    xx. Seepz.

    PS. I just started a new blog myself. Here is the link I would love for you to go through my blog and follow it. :) Thank u!

  5. I looooooove this post! The Kennedys were such style icons!!

    -Victor xx


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