Animal Face.


I'm so obsessed with this trend, it's out of control. I have an entire folder in my library dedicated to animal face shirts. Why you ask? Well, sometimes, it's hard to leave your childhood behind. Having been raised the only girl with 2 brothers, I grew up playing with legos and animal figurines. Being able to mix my childhood memories of animals and now have them plastered all over my shirt, I'm so there! Fun and quirky yet throw on a leather skirt, it's super edgy. Plus, how much cooler is it having a shark face on your shirt rather than the super 90s Hello Kitty silhouette. Personally, I'm shark face, all the way.

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As you can tell, I think the best ones are boys tees. Buy a small and wear it baggy with tight skinny or leathers. Givenchy has an amazing Rottweiler T-shirt but it's only available for pre-order at the moment. If you can, order it! It's amazing.



  1. I love it too, you always have to be careful because you definitely dont want it to look cheap! But all of these styles look great and what they wore them with are perfect! Maybe a good find at a thrift store? :)

    Angela @ The Lovely Cup

  2. I love it too! It's a nice change from the classic animal print. You chose great looks

  3. Love this trend! Need to pick myself up a shirt asap!:)



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