Varsity Blues.


I never thought I would actually be excited for a high school trend to come back. So many terrible things happened to me in high school, clothing wise (yes, we were all there with the denim minnies from Abercrombie or Hollister tank tops, I'm trying to forget those horrible days too).  

There are very few trends that I feel ok with them coming back and one of them is the Varsity/Letterman Jacket. Although I was in no way, shape, or form an athlete, besides a bit of tennis on the weekends, I never had that experience of putting on that leather and cotton jacket that set you apart from the non-athletic/weak nor did I have a jock boyfriend who gave me his Letterman to show I was his, and he was mine....hmm...actually, strike that. I'm thrilled I wasn't that girl in highschool... but back to the point. 

Jocks aside, this trend is back and hit the runways of 3.1 Phillip Lim and looked fantastic in Opening Ceremony's collection. Sporty and masculine yet if paired correctly, this jacket looks superb on the female form. Let me be clear though, do NOT bring back your old varsity, not chic. Designer is the way to go because in all honesty, we don't care to see you lettered in track from some school that your mascot name was the Trojans....

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Paired with a skirt or tailered pants and some heels. So chic. Remember, stay away from the highschool-y look so don't even think about a pony tail. Messy bun or waives or stick straight like the beautiful model in my first image has it. Love love. 

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  1. I love the one from the first picture :)

  2. very nice post! I really like the trend of american highschool ..`
    Great blog!
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  3. Those are all really good! I love varsity jackets, too, but I've never tried one myself. Maybe that'll change this Autumn!

    We're already friends on IFB but now I've followed you along all the other platforms!

    - Kate


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