Girl Crush: Lara Bingle.


Lara Bingle. The beautiful 25 year old Aussie that has recently become a buzz here in the United States. Known for her perfect teeth and curvy body, Miss Bingle is making the boys love her, and the girls love to hate her. (I just love you Miss Bingle, no hate here). I'm obsessed with her shaggy chopped blonde hair and her great sense of style. Edgy and boy-ish but with a bod like that, no one is mistaking this pretty lady for a gent. Hoping to see more of her work here in the U.S. and I would seriously love to see her in anything Victoria Secret.

She recently starred in her own reality show called "Being Lara Bingle" mostly viewable in Australia but if you google, you can find some of her episodes online. 
Make sure to check out her Website and her Instagram is @mslbingle. She's always posting cute photos. 



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