New York Fashion Week Spring 2013


Fashion Week has officially begun. While many lucky souls get to waltz around Lincoln Center in sky high heels and cameras in hand, I get to stay home reading up on the history of jazz, writing a couple essays, and studying for an exam on Tuesday. The glamorous life. Although I physically am not there (because CU doesn't give 3 weeks off for fashion unfortunately), I will try my best to keep up with every show and live stream the ones I can. *clears throat* Alexander Wang please. So for those who are able to attend...enjoy the shows, being photographed by Mr. Bill Cunningham, and the champagne. The rest of us will be sitting here on our laptops crying with our good friends Ben and Jerry. Jokes kiddies, we are ok with being jealous of you for a couple weeks as long as you post, tweet, and instagram anything you see or hear. @ManRepeller @bryanboy @womensweardaily


(PH: MilkMade Tumblr)


  1. I wish I was in NYC right now more than ever. I'm on the wrong freakin coast.

    I just found your blog. It's so beautiful...oh my gosh. Post formatting, content, everything. it must be your Art History eye. I love this blog and I just found it. I can tell it'll be one of my favorites!

  2. My sentiment exactly .
    Xx G

  3. Feeling the same! I can't wait to read your posts!

  4. haha! Our friend Ben and Jerry:) This post definitely made me laugh. Oh what I would give to go to NYFW.


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