The Winter White Blazer.


There is something about wearing super light colors in winter that I find to be so beautiful. When the go-to is dark layered on dark (my uniform most the time), throwing on a bright or off white blazer or jacket with a cream cashmere scarf looks stunning. I'm obsessed with the idea of wearing a white blazer in winter and of course as I think of it, the beautiful Elin Kling is already doing it, (first picture if you do not know who she may be). Although, sometimes it's not practical to wear head-to-toe white in winter, I mean, I live in Boulder where we either have awkward days of snow but lingering days of slush. I think a white blazer will do it for me though. Underneath a heavy black long coat, this white accent would look tremendous. I want NEED.

Blazer Options:
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What do you think of wearing bright white for winter? 



  1. I love a white blazer. Winter white is something I haven't embraced in the past, but I'm going to try it this year:)

  2. I absolutely love the winter white look...seriously stunning!!


  3. I really love white in winter time!

  4. What a great blazer and idea...hmm, after weeks of rain a crisp white is so welcoming!

  5. Just discovered your blog! Its great - will definitely be following you. Winter white is always so beautiful.

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  6. I have one like this with black accents! Great blog, want to follow each other?



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