Busy doesn't even begin to describe my schedule lately. I seem to always either be in class, writing a paper, or studying at the library for an upcoming exam. I am a little overwhelmed by everything I have to do before break in a couple weeks (which I desperately need). I'm so excited to head out to Manhattan for a couple days to visit my best friend and some other of my college darlings that graduated earlier this year. After, I'm heading to Boston to see my older brother and lovely mother who happens to be out there re-decorating a beautiful 1904 home they just bought him. I can't wait to see it in person. I'm hoping to visit some design schools out there too to get an idea of what to do and to start planning my post-grad adventures. As you can see, my plate has been full which is why I send my sincerest apologies to all my lovely readers who continue to visit my site even though I haven't been able to update as often. I promise, I'm trying to fit time into my schedule because I truly do love blogging and have so much to share with you all.

Speaking of the east coast, like I said, my mother and older brother are out there in the Cambridge area and my best friend is near the Financial District in NY (which was evacuated a couple days ago). So, my prayers are going out to them and every single soul that has been affected by this natural phenomenon. I've heard so many sad stories of lives and possessions being lost but I continue to pray for everyone's safety. On the bright side, it's been wonderful to hear from friends who are being so generously helped by those who can give it. May God bless you for that kind friends and strangers! Remember, this too shall pass.


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