Accessory Trend: Ear cuffs.


Ear cuffs. Can't say I was the biggest fan of them before. I always felt like they were worn by the girls who tried to be rebels and just make their parents angry by getting too many piercings and such in middle and high school. But like almost all things, designers get a hold of these not so chic trends and make them, well, chic. Add some glitz with fine jewels and metals and exaggerate the size and the result is a very glamorous accessory. Its kind of a show stopper so when wearing it, make sure to keep the hair simple as well as the neckline. 
Of course, Man Repeller wore it out the other day so it is starting to be the 'it' accessory to have but I discovered a beautiful ear cuff worn by Jessie Bush from We The People a couple weeks earlier and immediately fell in love. So elegant and glamorous. (Pictured right)

Cara Delevingne wore hers out to a red carpet event earlier this month and it also looks very stunning and glamorous with her hair slicked back into a bun but again, I can't get enough of Bush's ear cuff. It has a really great vintage look with the pearls and diamonds but doesn't overwhelm. Ugh, I love it so much! 

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What do you think of this ear cuff trend?

Update: I finally found out who makes the beautiful ear cuff Bush is wearing (right image). Made by Jewelry designer Ryan Storer who has almost sold out of his ear cuffs so get it while you can! Check out this design and more here.  


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  1. Love these! They add so much as a great accessory. :)


  2. Cara Delevingne wore them fabulously... i really have to try out this trend

  3. They look kind of creepy but beautiful. Not sure if that makes sense but I have always been quite amused with ear cuffs. They are so unique.


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