Beauty: Bangin' Bangs.


It's sort-of a bit excessive how many times a day I ask myself, "To bang, or not to bang?" hair that is. I am extremely content with the length of my hair at the moment. It's taken me since freshman year of high-school to grow it out when I one day decided I wanted short hair like Lizzie McGuire (thanks Hillary Duff, I blame you). It's finally long and layered and I love the versitilaty that comes with long hair. Buns, pony tails and braids galore.

BUT, yes, a big but, I still sometimes crave a change. Should I chop it off a la Elizabeth Olsen? Color it? or just get bangs? I had blunt bangs and stick straight hair for a couple months during my sophomore year of college and really enjoyed them but, I think my timing was off because it was Fall/Winter and the wind was out of control which meant hair in my eyes/mouth, I had to wash my face like five times a day so my forehead didn't break out and having to take an extra 10 minutes with a mini straightener to style them just wasn't in the books for me. So I braided them, pinned them back, and let them grow out. Mais, I think I'm ready again for the responsibility, for real this time. What really took me to this point is this amazing beauty editorial for Elle EspaƱa. These bangs are the perfect length, they look great straight as well as textured and wispy. I'm obsessed. 

Amaze, right? Now, the question is.....can I actually go through with it because this is kind of a huge deal! I'll keep you updated on my decision. 

Looking for more ways to style your bangs current or maybe those to come? Allure has some fab styling and cuts as well. 



  1. Such great bangs, love them with long hair.




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