Beauty: How To Nail Appliqué.


I posted this pic yesterday on Instagram of my new Lace Appliqué nails by Essie. I absolutely love them and knew I had to share a tutorial on how to properly apply them. 
Click the "Read More" link below to find out how! 

Step 1:
Push back cuticles with tool provided.
Step 2:
Find the size of appliqué that fits best.

Step 3:
Place appliqué on nail from cuticle to tip.
Step 4:
Using the flat end of the cuticle tool, press down and smooth down
avoiding bubbles.
Step 5:
After pressing, use the file to file downward on the nail.
Only file downward as to avoid tearing the appliqué.
Step 6:
Continue filing around the whole nail.
Then continue on with the rest of your hands. 

Et Voila!

I really love Essie's Appliqués. Sally Hansen makes some great ones too, however, I think their colors are a little more wild while I enjoy more simple designs. Sephora has plenty of great options too. The cost is fantastic as well, usually around twelve to fifteen dollars, the price of a manicure. Also these last much much longer and they don't chip and they don't damage your nails like Gels or Acrylics.

You can find the lace appliqués here. Other options that I love from Essie - 1 // 2 // 3 
Sephora Options: 1 // 2 // 3 
Sally Hansen has fun ones as well. 

 Hope you enjoyed this tutorial, and let me know if you end up trying any! 


  1. I totally need to try this!!! LOVE!



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