Décor: Mirror, Mirror.


Nothing makes a space feel larger than decorating with mirrors. The other day I came upon this beautiful mirror that was taller than I was in little European store on Pearl street that enlarged the space dramatically. It was so beautiful. I was swooning over it and how much it opened up the space. I immediately came home and begin searching Pinterest and such on designing a room around large mirrors. These are some of the great rooms I found.

It's very simple but with so many options for borders and textures you can really play with the design. I love the decoration choice of layering frames and mirrors in different heights and sizes in the first image. Unfortunately for me, in my Boulder apartment I don't have room for such a mirror but I'm planning on purchasing one for my home in Boston. I can't wait. 

(PH: via Pinterest & Tumblr)


  1. That is so beautiful. I love how serene these rooms look.


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