Style: Tucked Hair.


Over on The Sartorialist Mr. Schuman took some photographs of women with their hair tucked into their jackets and scarves outside some fashion week shows. I was really excited about these pictures because I have been tucking my hair into my jacket since I was in high school. I always thought it gave off this elegant, chic, laid-back look like 'I'm too lazy to pull my hair out but it looks amaze anyways so I'll just leave it at that'. Yeah, that's what I get from such a simple style choice but most of it attributes to my trip to Paris when I was 15 and saw an extremely chic French women with her hair as such coming out of Galeries Lafayette. Something about the face being framed so drastically by your hair just looks great to me. I have been doing it so long that my mom has stopped pulling my hair out when we are together (she used to do that incessantly and I would literally have a freakout when she did). Also, it was sort of convenient having decently long hair and if I forgot a scarf, tucking my hair into my jacket was a way of warmth. 
Oh, and did I mention MK and Ashley Olsen have also been doing it since they moved to New York, so technically not a 'new' thing but I guess it's trendy now and I'm still loving it. 

 Seriously, what's more chic than this?

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  1. Really great!! Love this post!

  2. i read this in a magazine just yesterday, im also glad about this as i tuck my hair in all the time!

  3. Will be trying this! It looks very chic and so appropriate for fashion week

  4. I totally have been seeing this lately!!! I want to try it!! SO CHIC:)


  5. I've been doing this for years too! I like the look, but really it keeps me warm.


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