Coachella Chic.


These past two weekends Coachella was the talk of all social media networks. If we had a dollar for every hashtag Coachella, we'd all be millionaires, seriously. Although the music festival brings a lot of over-the-top hobo, gypsy-esque fashion, some chic individuals know how to properly dress for a weekend of good music and fashion parties while rubbing elbows with the likes of models, actors, and (the newest trend) fashion/music bloggers. 

Of course, all the major magazine photogs were present and photographing the best Coachella style looks. So of course, when I knew I wanted to do a post on this festival, I headed straight over to VOGUE and HARPERS BAZAAR.

These are my favorite looks :: 


Julianne Hough looks so cute with her silk creme shirt and boyfriend jean shorts. Paired perfectly with some ankle boots and a cute hate. The women in the white dress next to her picture (above) though is my ultimate favorite look. She is sheer perfect to me. Her look is simple yet the color and silhouette is so flattering while still maintaining a boho chic vibe. She paired it with some tan ankle boots and perfectly layered jewelry. I'm obsessed!

Did any of you lovely birds get to go to COACHELLA? If so, let me know how you enjoyed yourself! I'll live vicariously through you till I'm able to attend *fingers crossed*, next year. 


  1. I like these looks a lot, but do they actually ever go to listen to the music? if I were at Coachella I would care way less about how I looked and way more about keeping cool and getting as close to the front to watch my favorite bands.

    Ally @

    1. haha I completely agree but I guess everyone knows there will be cameras and a lot of those people, especially bloggers, are there cause they were sponsored by a designer, so they are obligated to dress the part.

      But I agree with you, I'd be there for the music. :)


  2. Although I do love the hippie-chic outfits, and I definitely would take care to dress nicely for it - just think of the press you can get - I feel like over the past years it has become less about music and more like a runway and party scene. I mean there's nothing wrong with the Armani or whatnot after-parties, but I think most of these bloggers don't even listen to the artists. No wonder they all look so polished, I'd be looking horrible from all the jumping and dancing around!

  3. This is an awesome post! Thanks for visiting my blog :)

    -Krystin Tysire xo


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