Internet Roundup: 4.15.13.


As many bloggers know, it takes a lot of time and energy to create posts. We spend time taking pictures, finding pictures, editing, writing, editing again (and again and again), sourcing, and finally posting. I've been doing better about planning and scheduling when I do posts but other times I just happen to stumble on fantastic websites or articles and just roll with it into a post. I spend a lot of time on the internet thanks to school and procrastination leads me to, well, not school related topics so I wanted to create a post once a week (hopefully) of stuff I have found on the internet that I would like to share with you all. Because it really would be impossible for me to make a post about every individual thing I found and loved on the internet, this will be sort-of a roundup of my favorites. Hope you enjoy it and if you can, I'd appreciate feedback to see if this is something I should continue. Merci.

 We had a really beautiful weekend here in Boulder with so much sunshine I was absolutely thrilled. However, Colorado decided that that was just a tease because this morning I woke up to a huge snow storm. CU Boulder even shut down campus which has happened, now, 3 times since my freshman year. So ridiculous. Well, I'm still dreaming about the sun and summer so I guess I'll just continue looking at photos like these to hold me until then. Summer, where are youuuu!?

ONE: If the absurd amount of INSTAGRAM PICS and TWEETS didn't already tell you, it was the first weekend of COACHELLA this past weekend and well, Four-Pins made sure to give us a guide on how to properly do, Coachella. Read HERE

TWO: I've been trying my best to not eat out, mostly because I always pick the worst places to eat (actually all I've been eating is Chipotle so.....). Thankfully, my mom helped me out with some grocery shopping yesterday which prompted me to look up some recipes to see what I could make with what she brought me. I found this recipe for ROASTED VEG TACOS and I caught myself drooling. I can't wait to make these later and they are definitely a better alternative than Chipotle. 

THREE: I get a lot of e-mails and messages on IFB usually asking advice on how I started my blog/what to do to "make it better" and my answer is usually simple. Do and write about what you love, not what other people want to hear. That's the only way that you will be able to put the time and energy into your blog without getting tired or boring yourself. When it comes to resources on 'making it better', the website PUGLY PIXEL really helped me get going and I learned a lot about photoshop, editing, and overall blogging. Check it out, guaranteed you'll find something useful to help you.

FOUR: I found this article a while ago and forgot how good it was. "IF I DO HUMBLEBRAG SO MYSELF", the title says it all. Check it out here and have a chuckle, or reality'll understand once you read it.

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