C'est la vie.


Bonjour mes amies! 

As you have probably noticed, my blogging has been very random and almost nonexistent lately and I deeply apologize. I had this post prepared since last week but forgot to post it. ugh. Je suis désolé

I was in finals a little over two weeks ago which absolutely consumed all of me and my health so when I finished, I spent the next four days recovering in bed from lack of sleep and a terrible cold. It was the worst. I then had graduation and lots of celebrating to do with family, friends, and my fellow classmates. (woo! class of 2013!). I attended grad parties and dinners in the afternoons and nights the next couple of days while still trying to recover from the hell I put my body through during finals during the day. Very nostalgic all of it really, I mean, celebrating the past four years of hard work while at the same time saying goodbye to friends. I have a hard time saying goodbye so I felt like crying almost everyday which again, was just a bittersweet experience. I mean, I know I will probably stay in touch with most people but with others it was sort-of-a 'have a good life' kind of conversations which made me sad. I wish we could just stay another four years together! (I have separation anxiety, can't you tell?). Welp, after all that was said and done, my family and I had a couple days to pack our bags and get ready for my graduation present.

My amazing mom and dad have brought me to Paris in celebration. When they told me, I couldn't believe it. I don't think it really sunk in though until I was packing the night before since life had been so hectic the couple weeks prior but now we are here and I'm just taking it all in. We got here on Sunday and will be here until Saturday, then it's off to the coast of France to Cannes and Monaco for another week. 

So, as you can see, for how much I love all of you, the internet is one of the last places I want to be so I won't be posting anything probably until I return state side. 

Hope everyone is doing well and if you are on summer vacation already, congratulations! May you enjoy it as much as I have. 

I know I'm enjoying and cherishing every minute because as soon as I get back to Colorado it will be  time for job searching, apartment searching (hopefully in New York City...anyone need a roommate? haha but seriously....), intern searching and probably sanity searching at some point but well get to that later. 

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Much love, 
Mindy Erazo

(I can still be reached by e-mail as I check it daily at mindyerazo@gmail.com if you need me, I'll be there!)

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  1. Oh my god, that's scary and exciting at the same time. And overwhelming. After all that you're going through, I would probably lay in my bed for 2 weeks, not just for 4 days :D. And wow, after all those overwhelming things happening to you, then your parents take you to Paris O.O. My heart would explode after all that hahaha. Hope you enjoy your vacation and get back on your feet with lots of cool memories and macroons! Yaaaay!

    Love xoxoxoxox

    Peach Black


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