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I just ordered a beautiful black onyx drop gemstone necklace from a fantastic ETSY shop. I absolutely love Esty. I've found some incredible pieces and I really love how many of the designers make only a few pieces so you purchase 'almost' a one of a kind piece. Today, I thought I would introduce you to my favorite Etsy shops. Enjoy. 

ONE: By far my favorite shop. SHOPKEI by Kayla Tones - Absolutely stunning pieces. I seriously want to buy everything from this shop. The stones are beautiful and the chains are a delicate gold that are perfect for layering as you can see in the image above. 

TWO: SEA AND CAKE by Stephanie Hughes is a shop specializing in bridesmaid jewelry, nautical jewelry, and gemstone pieces. I'm obsessed. The gemstone pieces are incredible and so dainty. I love the drop piece in the image above. It looks great alone and I'm sure as well layered. I love the GOLD BAR pieces as well. Love love. Did I say love?

THREE: AYLIN MADDEN is a shop with simple pieces that are great to incorporate into your jewelry collection. They are beautiful everyday pieces in both gold and silver and are great to mix up together. Really love the SLAVE BRACELET pieces as well as the evil eye necklaces. 

Do you have an Etsy shop you are crazy about? Please share! I'd love to discover more designers and unique pieces. 

Hope everyone has a happy weekend! 


(PH: Shopkei, SeaandCake, Aylin Madden
// Collage : Mindy Erazo)


  1. loooove the Sea and Cake jewelry. So beautiful

  2. The jewelry is so delicate and dainty. Great etsy shop choices! I'm always browsing the site but have never gained the courage to purchase something.

  3. Loved the necklaces!
    Wish you the best!
    Big kiss,
    Vanessa. (http://fashion-dossier.blogspot.pt/)

  4. great post :)

  5. These shops are terrific. I'm all about supporting up and coming artists & jewellers and have added these shops to my favorites. One shop that I frequent is called Atelier Yumi. She creates beautiful pieces inspired by her Egyptian culture. You may enjoy her.

    Sex w. Candy

  6. Hi Mindy :) I LOVE YOUR BLOG. Thank You so much for adding my Etsy Shop to the list. Please contact me at aylinsempire@gmail.com, I would LOVE to to you a special gift :)

  7. Die kette sieht echt toll aus. Da hast du dir echt was schönes ausgesucht.


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