Internet Roundup:: 7.7.13.


Happy Sunday!

I know, Sundays are kind of the best, kind of the worst sort of day. My feeling towards it has mostly to do with the fact that Game of Thrones is off till next season which doesn't start for a while. I'm kind of embarrassed by how much anxiety this gives me, I need to know what happens to the Stark family!
Sundays are kind of my favorite day of the week though. I usually start off by going to church with my family and then we will do brunch/lunch together. I always squeeze in a nap and  start getting myself ready for the week. Its the perfect day to unfold from the previous week while planning my schedule for the next usually in pajamas with a large cup of coffee next to me. Whats not to love. So, dear friends, I hope your Sunday is relaxing and enjoyable and hope you like the links I have chosen for today's INTERNET ROUNDUP

1. I'm a HUGE Harry Potter nerd so I absolutely love everything about THIS ARTICLE. (

2. The couture collections are being shown in Europe right now and I've been checking religiously. So far, I have loved Chanel's show as well as Valentino's but I think that MAISON MARTIN MARGIELA'S collection is just insane. In the best way possible. Love that they continued with the face masks too. I find them super chic. (

3. Free People's PINTEREST PAGE has kept me super occupied these past couple of days. So many great pictures. (

4. Kinfolk's newest issue is out. I browsed it at Anthropology a couple days ago and think it will be worth purchasing. Take a look HERE. (

5. Lastly, this just looks simply DELICIOUS. I need to try and make it. (

(PH: unknown tumblr)


  1. I have a love hate with Sundays, it is the day I like to do nothing but it is also the day before the work week. But thanks for the links. I will enjoy going through each of them tomorrow at work! :)


  2. i love free people's pinterest page as well! their clothes are so lovely and im definitely guilty for stalking their website on a daily basis haha

  3. This is great! Loving the at the moment, so many awesome things to see. Have you read Game of Thrones? The books are really good.


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