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SNEAKS AND JEANS. The practical girls outfit of choice yet something has happened these last couple seasons where this pairing has turned from grandma status to effortlessly chic. Granted the jeans and the kicks have gotten a decent upgrade with materials such as suede and leather being used but the practicality is still present. Let's be honest, it is pretty rare for the 'everyday' girl to be wearing heels all around town and although flats have been the go-to, I enjoy a bit of a rougher edge. Skate shoes,  high tops, and fashion sneakers - the footwear of my middle-school years - are back and have been taken to a whole different level and I'm obsessing. My favorites right now are by Nike. They have killed it with there shoes these past seasons that it has even garnered them spots at stores like Barney's and Bergdorfs which is a major step in the right direction from say, The Footlocker. It has taken all of me to not purchase every shoe from Nike's recent collaboration with Skateboarder/Musician/Writer/Artist STEFAN JANOSKI. They are killer. Practical yet styled correctly give an outfit this 'chill' feel. I can't even explain it. Just check 'em out HERE and you'll understand. 

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  2. The first pair is my fave :)

  3. I might try wearing fashionable kicks like these soon too :D
    Thanks for messaging on IFB!
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  4. I absolutely love nikes. their recent styles can look very chic if styled well. I have a post on them coming up!! Thanks for sharing! I would love you to see what's new in , Nice passing by your blog you have great posts!

  5. Love the shoes ! Nikes has such a fashionable line.

    The Forest Elf's blog

  6. Love the fact that sneakers are now becoming more fashionable and ok to wear. Finally!! Hope this trend is here to stay.

    Sex w. Candy


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