Collection: J.Crew Ready-to-Wear Fall 2013.


I really have enjoyed the way J.Crew has evolved since the great Jenna Lyons took over on the creatives side. However, J.Crew has a following of not just young women and men. Since the company has been around for many many years, the older generation is well, not to pleased at the direction the clothing and styling has taken. Well, J.Crew listened to their customers (yes, they actually listened) and has gone a little bit back to their roots while still maintaining the modern and chic looks Lyons is known for. The Ready-to-Wear looks are brilliant. Sophisticated without the stuffiness, classic but with a modern edge. Here are some of my favorite looks from the lookbook as well as my favorite look from the catalog and, of course, my current JCREW LUSTINGS...

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  1. love this post! i'm such a big j. crew fan! you're right, their new ready-to-wear is so sophisticated and chic


  2. JCrew has DEFINITELY stepped it up and it is so awesome!

    Emily Jenny

    Stiletto Beats


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