Girl Crush: Emma Leth.


Let's talk about this Danish babe that has been taking up far too much picture space on my desktop. I'm currently (girl) crushing on the stunning EMMA LETH. Model, DJ, and Blogger, this hazel-eyed girl has an air about her that says 'yeah, I model. My hair is currently styled by my bed and I'm wearing my boyfriend's white T' which I adore. Boy-ish style yet feminine features, I could see her doing some fabulous editorials. I've enjoyed researching her work and can't wait to see what's in Emma's future. 

Check out more of here modeling pics HERE as well as her chic BLOG. Even though it's all in Danish, the pics are worth it. I'm also obsessing over her INSTAGRAM feed. Gah, Emma, you're phenomenal!

 (PH: via UNIQUE models)


  1. Oh she's so beautiful. I'd love to take pictures of her one day!

    -Victor S.

  2. She has amazing bone structure!

  3. she's such a natural beauty!


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