Throwback Thursday : Alexander McQueen Spring/Summer 2005.


Although it has been almost four years since we lost the great ALEXANDER MCQUEEN, he is still greatly adored in the fashion world. Rightly so, McQueen was a creative genius who pushed the boundaries of fashion. His runway shows were a work of fine art as well as every single piece he ever created. So, let's take it back to one of my favorite shows, his SPRING/SUMMER 2005 collection. Chess with models dressed as pieces, beyond brilliant.

This show was like a piece of performance art. Every move meticulously calculated and planned. Watch the show HERE

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  1. Such a beautiful collection & the runway show was spectacular!

  2. Absolutely beautiful! He was such a great talent. People often think it's shallow or superficial to love fashion, they should see this. It's art.

  3. I love this post! Alexander was a true genius! this is so beautiful thanks for sharing xx


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