Internet Roundup: 8.9.13.


So happy it's Saturday. I've been so busy moving my days seem to run together and I couldn't tell the difference between my Tuesday and Friday. Thankfully, I took a break today and spent some time shopping and eating, my two favorite things.

Here's this weeks INTERNET ROUNDUP :: 

1. I'm all for the minimal. When it comes to, well, everything... so I'm completely smitten over this new jewelry line called MIRLO. Lovely gold pieces in simple designs. Great for incorporating into any personal collection.

2. Nicole Richie is one of my style obsessions. She has transformed herself entirely, for the better, since her Simple Life days and to see her going from THIS tragedy to THIS outfit is a day and night difference. I absolutely adore her look. Menswear never looked so feminine. 

3. I'm so in love with Lorde. The stunning New Zealand singer/songwriter who is quickly finding her way onto everyone's Top Songs Playlist with her hit, Royal. For how much I love that song, BRAVADO has been on repeat for the past two weeks. I can't get enough. Sidenote : Miss Lorde is also my newest HAIR ENVY.

4. I'm a Breaking Bad fanatic. The fact that the last season is airing tomorrow has me not even sleeping from major excitement slash anxiety. What is possibly going to happen next with Mr. White and what's going to happen to Jesse? I can't even handle it. So, this article gave me a laugh since fashion is not the first thing to come to mind when thinking of this show. Check it out HERE. #yeahb*tch

5. Shout out to the teens who sat in front of their tv every week to watch MTV's hit show The Hills. Why is Lauren upset? Why does Justin Bobby have two first names? I'm still confused who on earth Bartender Stacy is!? Plus a few other hotties from the Laguna area that we sort of lived vicariously through, admit it. Welp, MTV decided to show us the 'alternative ending' to The Hills (remember the original one, with the horrible ending with Kristen and Brody letting us know the show was fake [it was a real show you guys I know it]). Anyways, I watched the alternative one and straight up gasped. Just, WATCH IT. It's my high school fantasy come to life.

Have a great rest of your weekend darlings!



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