Cereal Magazine Volume 3.


CEREAL magazine, a beautiful London based mag that focuses on food, travel, and books. Seriously, the loves of my life. The images are absolutely breathtaking and the magazine itself feels more like a book with it's thick paper and slightly faded images that make you dream of distant places. I browsed through the first two volumes at a specialty magazine store in New York and couldn't believe what an experience it was to flip through the pages. The THIRD VOLUME has been released and it's everything and more than I expected. Take a look...

I have yet to inquire if the magazine can be shipped here to the US (I'm sure it can though) but their website is just as fascinating since they give you snippets of whats inside these incredible pages. Make sure to check it out HERE. Cereal's BLOG is also divine. I just started following their INSTAGRAM as well and am completely smitten. I'm really thinking of ordering this volume or pre-ordering the next because I'm sure it will not disappoint. 


Comments are always appreciated! xx

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