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I've always had an ├╝ber fascination with skate culture ever since I could remember. There was one point in middle school that I owned about twenty pairs of Vans in every style and color. I was obsessed to say the least. However, my major growth spurt came in and suddenly my beautiful Vans collection was dunzo. None of them fit me anymore and it was one of the biggest tragedies of my lifetime. I knew I wasn't going to be able to acquire all of them again so I nixed on the vans and got into Nike's and Converse as my 'athletic shoe' (ha, athletic, as in going to the grocery store with my mom to pick out candy...). Well, I still have a love towards skaters and vans just go hand-in-hand so in college I purchased some bright red ones that I still own and love. However, they are clearly a not-so-subtle color so I was prepared to buy some plain black or white ones and then I came across these beauties in New York. Some guy, yes, a guy, was wearing them while he tried to sell me some Sandro espadrilles and I was more excited about his shoes then the ones I was trying on so, I put those babies down and asked him where he got his shoes (rather my friend did, I was too shaken by their awesomeness). He said they were from Vans recent collection, white and black leather snakeskin shoes. YES. I knew I needed them. Welp, for some odd reason, I forgot about those amazing shoes (I KNOW), and when I remembered about them a couple weeks ago I searched for hours online trying to find them. FINALLY, at two am one morning, I found them at a skateshop based in Utah. I quickly ordered my size (well, half size up, unfortunately that was all they had. wahh) but I didn't care. They were mine. They arrived in the mail today and I am thrilled. They are a neutral color and are going to look great with black skinnies and a loose t-shirt and cardi. I guess Vans will always have my heart (but I'm still planning on purchasing these bad boys too, I can't resist)

I also finally got my CHANEL NAILPOLISH in the mail (Nordstrom's you take forever to ship!). It's the perfect fall deep red. I saw after I ordered this color that my style icon ELIN KLING talked about it on INTO THE GLOSS so clearly we are soul sisters, or something

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