Editorial: Vogue's Gone Gram.


Nothing I love more than good ol' instagram. The app that has seriously taken over my life. Mostly because I love looking at beautiful things and there are some fantastic grammers out there that really just cheer me up everyday. Vogue + Instagram + Editorial = love at first sight. The fashion bible decided to take their high res pictures down some notches and add a Valencia filter through the hands of photographer MICHAEL O'NEAL. The images where shot around New York City with the beautiful ARLENIS SOSA and they really turned out trés belle.


I'm super happy to see how simple the images are, anything complicated would have been lost in such a small image. The clean, sleek concrete background work great too. I hope to see more of these in the future VOGUE s'il vous plaît. #vogueinstafashion

For more images check out VOGUE'S INSTAGRAM and follow. Don't forget I'm on INSTAGRAM too. Follow me down the yellow brick road gray-ish pavement for daily musings.


  1. I love these photos. I love a good square and the images themselves are just amazing. Very well shot!

    1. agreed! I'm glad they kept the square insta shape.

  2. These pics are so gorgeous! I love their simplicity

    Louise xx

  3. I agree with you - the simplicity of the images is really what does it for me.

  4. Definitely some beautiful pictures. I use the Valencia filter a lot. There's something so soft and natural about it.

    xo Ashley


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