Fashion: Inside Chanel.



I recently came upon the website INSIDE CHANEL. A beautiful website dedicated to the incredible couturier Coco Chanel and the story behind her iconic fashion house. We see the journey from the creation of CHANEL N•5, to the direction Chanel has taken under it's current head designer Karl Lagerfeld and how he has tried to keep the essence of what Coco started. The videos are absolutely incredible. I watched them all last night in one sitting and truly have a new respect and admiration for Coco Chanel. She was one incredible woman. Take a look at the first video below where we find out the story behind Chanel N•5.

Check out the rest of the chapters HERE! How much more do you love Chanel after watching these?? Her story is really something special.




  1. I've recently read a book about her. Incredible person


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